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À Madame / Madame Marie Anne Mozart / à / Salzbourg par Mantova

Naples 29 May 1770

I expect I`m now writing much too often, and you`ll be surprised to receive a letter from me each post-day! But it`s all by way of a precaution in case a letter goes missing. We are some distance apart, and it takes 14 days for a letter from Salzb. to reach us in Naples. This is my fourth letter from Naples. footnote1 I still intend to leave here on the 16th of next month, assuming that nothing gets in the way. Yesterday we had our concert, which turned out very well. footnote2 The court is arriving in town tomorrow, the 30th, in order to celebrate the king`s name day with an opera and other festivities. If we leave on the 16th, we`ll go to Marino, where we`ll put up at the Augustinian monastery. The local prior has already begged us to stay with him; he wants to accompany us to Genazano and show us the miraculous image of Our Lady of Good Counsel. footnote3 It`s not a long journey, and so I`ve accepted his offer in order to see this sacred image. In this way we can spend another 6 or 7 days with our friends in Rome and then set off on our journey for Loreto. I still haven`t paid a penny for our board and lodging in Rome. Herr Meissner will tell you how well looked after we`ve been here. I was master in my own house, and as the landlady was unwilling to say what she wanted by way of payment when the time came for me to leave, Herr Marcobruni and I decided that on my return we would find some means of settling up in one way or another. If no other alternative presents itself, I shall buy something and make the daughter a handsome present of it. If we leave by the date indicated, we shall, so to speak, see the whole of Italy. If we feel so inclined, we shall go on from Loreto to Bologna or even Florence and from there to Pisa, Luca and Livorno etc. in order to spend the 2 hottest months in the most suitable place and, I think, go to Milan via Genoa. If Wolfg. did not already have the scrittura for the opera in Milan, he would have got one from Bologna, Rome or Naples, as he has received offers from all 3 of these places. footnote4 So far we`ve not have to put up with excessive heat as it often rains; yesterday there was terribly wet and windy, and it`s very unusual for Naples not to have been hotter. In spite of this we shall return home quite sun-burnt, as the air has that effect, and as soon as the sun puts in an appearance, you notice at once that you`re in Naples. You know that Wolfg. has always wanted a good tan. I must close, as a footman has just arrived from the Principessa di Francavilla and we have to drive there as she wants to speak to us. Best wishes to the whole of Salzb.: we kiss you and Nannerl 1000 times, and I am your old
Wolfg. can hardly wait for each post-day and asks you to write twice a week if possible, especially if there`s anything new. But in Salzb. the news is soon told. Vesuvius hasn`t given me the pleasure of burning or, rather, spitting fire. Only very occasionally does one see a little smoke. But we shall shortly be seeing it at close quarters.


My dearest sister, footnote5
The day before yesterday we were at the rehearsal for Sig. Jomela`s opera, which is very well written as an opera and which I like a lot; Sig. Jomela spoke to us and was most polite. We`ve also been to church to hear some music by Sig. Cicio Demaio, and it was very beautiful music; he too spoke to us and he too was most civil. Sig. Deamicis sang marvellously. We are in quite good health, thank God, and this is particularly true of myself whenever a letter arrives from Salzburg: please write every post-day, even if you`ve nothing to write about; I should like you to do so simply in order that I may have a letter every post-day. I hope you received the letter that contained passages in another language, footnote6 which you will no doubt already have understood or grasped. It wouldn`t be a bad idea if you were sometimes to write a short note in Italian. I`ve nothing else to say except to ask you to give my best wishes to all my friends, male and female, particularly Sig. Schidenhofen, who must already have received the letter that my father wrote, please also give my best wishes to Sig. Aman and ask him how he is, then write and tell me. Addio.
29 May 1770. Wolfgango Amadeo
Kiss my mother`s hand Mozart.
for me.
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