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Naples 26 May 1770
This is the 3rd letter I`ve written to you from Naples. I find the town`s position more pleasing with every passing day, and in general I think it`s not at all a bad place. If only the people weren`t so godless and if only certain individuals, to whom it never occurs to think that they`re stupid, weren`t in fact as stupid as they are. And the superstition! - - This is so deeply rooted that I can say with some certainty that heresy is now completely entrenched here, a state of affairs that is viewed with some indifference. I shall explain this to you in due course. I hope to bring back with me some copper engravings of the sights and curiosities of Naples, similar to those I already have of Rome. footnote1 We are both well, praise God. The tailor is working on 2 suits that I chose in the company of Monsieur Meuricoffre. Mine is almost Pampadour, but more dark cherry red watered silk, lined with sky-blue taffeta and with silver buttons. Wolfg.`s is apple-green watered silk, with silver buttons and lined with rose-coloured taffeta. There`ll be a concert on Monday - it`s being organized by the imperial ambassador`s wife, Countess von Kaunitz, Lady Hamilton, the Principessa Bellmonte, the Principessa Francavilla and the Duchessa Callabritta and will, I believe, earn us at least 150 zechini. But we need the money because if we leave, we shall have a long journey ahead of us without being able to earn anything; if we remain here, we`ll have to survive for 5 months. Here we would always be able to earn enough for our needs, of course, but at present I`m still resolved to leave in 3 weeks` time.
Next week we hope to be presented to the king and queen. There are good reasons why I`ve not given you a more detailed report on Rome, you`ll hear about it all in person, I`ve not yet had time, and I`m writing this in any case in a hurry. Has Nannerl not received the enclosure of 25 April for Herr von Schiedenhofen? - - Who else do you think we met here? - - Baron Bender, who was with His Excellency Count Pergen in Frankfurt. He`s staying with Count Kaunitz here. He sends you both his best wishes. What you discussed with Herr Hagenauer and Frau Hagenauer is fine by me. footnote2 My best wishes to both of them. No doubt Frau Hagenauer will say the occasional prayer for us. She really needs to, as we ourselves don`t do much praying. So honest Urban is dead too? - - God comfort him. Letters to Naples take 2 weeks. Continue to write to me in Rome. Has Mlle Troger left? - - Did she take anything with her? - - Has Herr Meisner arrived? Best wishes to him, for he must be with you by the time you receive this letter. I hope that you and Nannerl are well. We kiss you both, and I am your old
Best wishes to the whole of Salzb.
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