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Naples 22 May 1770
You will in the meantime have received my letter of the 19th. footnote1 2 days ago we went for a walk on the Molo, and whom did we meet? - Who do you think it was? - - Our good friend Monsieur Donker: handsome, tall Monsieur Doncker from Amsterdam, who has been living here with the French consul for the last 3 years. The consul was present on the evening we dined with Herr Doncker in Amsterdam. We had lunch with him yesterday, and in the afternoon we called on the wife of the imperial ambassador, Countess von Kaunitz née Princess von Ötting. We`ll soon have finished paying our calls. Yesterday the Marchesa Tannucci, the wife of the prime minister, sent round her steward to inform me that the latter was at my disposal to drive us everywhere and show us all the sights of Naples. This is a mark of distinction that amazes everyone, as this minister is really the king here and is held in the highest regard. Yesterday we were at the opera buffa; Herr Meuricoffre took us; it`s very good: old Principessa di Bellmonte saw us at once and greeted us most warmly even though our box was some distance from hers. Today we had lunch with a Swiss officer. The weather is starting to get a little warmer. The tailor is calling on Monsieur Meuricofre tomorrow, we`re going to have a few more summer suits made. You really don`t need to worry about the air in Naples, it`s very healthy here. And we`ll soon be back in Rome, where the air is by no means bad, even if certain areas outside Rome are rather unhealthy. We are well, praise be to God. Write and tell us how you are. I`m writing this letter only so that you know where we are in case the first one from Naples hasn`t arrived. I`m writing in haste. I kiss you and Nannerl 1000 times. Herr Doncker sends his cordial good wishes to you and Nannerl, and I am your old Mzt
Best wishes to all our friends. I`ve received Herr von Mölk`s letter and Monsieur Eyweck`s enclosure. Best wishes to them both.


I am well, praise and thanks be to God, and I kiss Mama`s hands and kiss you both a thousand times.


Haven`t you sold our carriage yet? - - You need to check it over and get it cleaned, otherwise it will go to rack and ruin.
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