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Bologna 29 Sept. [1770]
Your last 2 letters footnote1 were dated 7 and 21 Sept., so you evidently didn`t write on the 14th: at least we haven`t received a letter dated 14 Sept. In my last letter I said that you should write to Milan. I hope to receive a reply to this letter in Milan. Today H Troger notified us about the rooms that we`ll be taking in Milan; God willing, we`ll be leaving Bologna on 6 or 8 Oct. Both Wolfg. and I are incred saddened to hear about dear little Martha, who, it appears, has long been suffering from the same incurable illness as her brother Lorenz. footnote2 May God comfort her! What`s to be done? - Neither of us can stop thinking about her. - - Do give her our best wishes.
If you have difficulty making out the odd word, don`t be surprised as I`ve got cramp in my finger and can`t write properly; and a galloping ague, or whatever it`s called, is moving from my shoulder to my arm and even as far as my fingers. It will no doubt pass, as H Fischer used to say.
We`re well, thank God. Wolfg. started the recitatives to the opera today. He kisses you 1 000 000 000 etc. times, as do I.
You`ll already have heard that the pope and Portugal are once again in full accord, although people are very much afraid that the disbandment of the Order of the Jesuits is to go ahead, for Bishop Palofox, who was so persecuted by the Jesuits in his own day, is to be made a saint: I could tell you about a whole series of such disputes, but they`re of little concern to you. It`s bad enough that the most appalling pamphlets are being published in Catholic countries and even in Italy, all of them inveighing against papal authority and the immunity of the clergy.
Farewell to you both, our best wishes to all our friends inside and outside the house; I am your old


So that this letter`s a little fuller, I`ll add a few words of my own. I`m truly sorry to hear of the long illness from which poor Mistress Martha has been suffering and which she has had to endure with such patience, but I hope that with God`s help she`ll recover, if not, one mustn`t be too upset for God`s will is always the best, and He certainly knows better than we do if it`s better to be in this world or the next, but she should console herself with the thought that she can now pass from rain into sunshine: I kiss Mama`s hand, farewell. Addio
Wolfgang Mozart
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In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.