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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><TEI.2><teiHeader><fileDesc> <titleStmt><title>In Mozart's Words (The letters from Italy): Letter 160</title> <respStmt> <resp>Annotations: Cliff Eisen, King's College, London</resp> <resp>XML-tagging of citations in the text: Claudia Pignato e Patrizia Rebulla, Castaliamusic</resp> <resp>Conversion to TEI XML: Michael Pidd, Humanities Research Institute, University of Sheffield</resp> <resp>Full credits available at: http://letters.mozartways.com</resp> </respStmt> </titleStmt> <publicationStmt> <publisher>Humanities Research Institute, University of Sheffield</publisher> <pubPlace>Sheffield, United Kingdom</pubPlace> <date>2011</date> <availability><p>This transcription can be freely distributed for non-commercial purposes on condition that it is accompanied by this header information identifying its origin and authors. Permission must be received for subsequent distribution in print or for commercial uses. Please go to https://www.dhi.ac.uk for more information.</p></availability> </publicationStmt> </fileDesc> <encodingDesc> <projectDesc> <p>Funder: EU Culture Programme (2007-2013)</p> <p>Project Team: Maria Majno (Europaische Mozart Way Ee.V); Cliff Eisen (King's College London - Dept of Music); Patrizia Rebulla (Comune di Milano - Settore Cultura) Stadt Augsburg - Kulturburo; HRI Digital, Humanities Research Institute (Univ. of Sheffield)</p> <p>Annotations: Cliff Eisen, King's College, London</p> <p>XML-tagging of citations in the text: Claudia Pignato e Patrizia Rebulla, Castaliamusic</p> <p>Conversion to TEI XML: Michael Pidd, Humanities Research Institute, University of Sheffield</p> <p>Full project credits available at: http://letters.mozartways.com</p> </projectDesc> </encodingDesc> <profileDesc> <langUsage id="eng"> <language>eng</language> </langUsage> </profileDesc></teiHeader><text><body><div type="letter"><div type="header"><hi rend="bold">160. <name type="person" id="2942" ref="3751">LEOPOLD MOZART</name> TO HIS <name type="person" id="2943" ref="3753">WIFE</name> IN <name type="place" id="2945" ref="47">SALZBURG</name></hi></div><div type="date-and-place"><lb/> <name type="place" id="2946" ref="89">Milan</name>, 10 Feb. <hi rend="italic">1770</hi></div>I hope you`ll have received my letters of 27 January and 3 Feb., as well as the one I sent you from <name type="place" id="2947" ref="74">Mantua</name>. <ref type="footnote" id="fn0" n="1"></ref> I confidently predict that we`ll remain here till the end of the carnival. His Excellency <name type="person" id="2948" ref="1836">Count Firmian</name> is now feeling better, and we had the honour of joining him for lunch for the first time on Wednesday the 7th. After the meal <name type="person" id="2949" ref="1836">His Excellency</name> presented Wolfg. with all 9 volumes of <name type="person" id="2950" ref="4093">Metastasio</name>`s works . <ref type="footnote" id="fn1" n="2"></ref> It`s one of the finest editions, namely, the <name type="place" id="2951" ref="96">Turin</name> edition, and very beautifully bound. As you can easily imagine, this present is as welcome to me as it is to Wolfg. <name type="person" id="2952" ref="1836">His Excellency</name> is extremely impressed by Wolfg.`s abilities and has honoured us with his special grace and favour; it would take too long to give you a detailed account of all the examples of his knowledge that Wolfg. provided in the presence of Maestro <name type="person" id="2953" ref="4094">Sammartino</name> and a whole host of the most able people and how he amazed them all. In any case, you already know how it is on these occasions, for you`ve seen it often enough. We are well, praise be to God, only it annoys me not to know if we`ll be going to <name type="place" id="2954" ref="96">Turin</name>. If we want to be in <name type="place" id="2955" ref="129">Rome</name> by Holy Week, our trip to <name type="place" id="2956" ref="96">Turin</name> will have to be postponed as we shall be stopping in <name type="place" id="2957" ref="97">Parma</name>, <name type="place" id="2958" ref="79">Bologna</name> and <name type="place" id="2959" ref="95">Florence</name> on our way to <name type="place" id="2960" ref="129">Rome</name>, and I don`t imagine that we`ll get away from here before the first week of Lent. The good news is that we have secure, comfortable and pleasant lodgings here. We`d had the best possible weather for a long time, but then, on the 6th, there was a violent wind that grew even stronger on the night of the 7th, bringing so much snow with it that by the morning of the 8th everything was covered in a thick layer. But no snow can settle here, and so the streets are disgustingly muddy and barely passable. Meanwhile we`ve had a chance to hear various examples of church music, including - yesterday - the High Mass or Requiem for old <name type="person" id="2961" ref="3638">Marchese Litta</name>, who much to the annoyance of his large family died during the carnival, although they would have preferred it if he`d survived until Lent. The <hi rend="underline">Dies irae</hi> from this Requiem lasted about 3 quarters of an hour, but by 2 in the afternoon it was all over, so we had lunch at half past 2.<lb/>You mustn`t imagine that I`m going to give you a description of the church services here, as I`m far too annoyed to do so: all they consist of is music and church decorations, all the rest is the most appalling licentiousness. I`ve just this moment arrived back from a Vespers that lasted more than 2 hours, so that I`ve had time to do no more than bring this letter home with me and finish writing it in the steward`s quarters at Count <name type="person" id="2962" ref="1836">Firmian</name>`s, I also wanted to see if there was a letter from you here, but I found nothing. You`re very lazy; we`ve been here for some time, and this is the third letter that I`ve written to you from <name type="place" id="2963" ref="89">Milan</name>, but I`ve still not had a reply. I know of no better solution than not to write to you for several weeks. With each passing post-day Wolfg. has been looking forward to a letter from you, and yet nothing has arrived. Addio. I am your old<lb/> Mzt<lb/>Best wishes from me and, indeed, from both of us to all our good friends according to their social dues.<lb/><lb/>POSTSCRIPT FROM <name type="person" id="2964" ref="4038">MOZART</name><lb/><lb/>Talk of the devil and he`ll appear. I`m keeping well, praise and thanks be to God, and can scarcely wait for an answer from you, I kiss <name type="person" id="2965" ref="3753">Mama</name>`s hand, and to my <name type="person" id="2966" ref="3752">sister</name> I send a sloppy kiss and remain the same old … what? … the same old buffoon, <ref type="footnote" id="fn2" n="3"></ref> Wolfgang in Germany, <name type="person" id="4416" ref="4038">Amadeo</name> in Italy<lb/> <name type="person" id="2968" ref="4038">De Mozartini</name>.<lb/><lb/>POSTSCRIPT FROM <name type="person" id="2969" ref="3751">LEOPOLD</name><lb/><lb/>I kiss you and <name type="person" id="2970" ref="3752">Nannerl</name>, but only once, as you haven`t written.<lb/>Monsieur <name type="person" id="2971" ref="4074">Troger</name> sends you his best wishes: give Mlle <name type="person" id="2972" ref="834">Troger</name> my best wishes and tell her that I am very much obliged to her brother for having found us such good accommodation, where we are well provided for and have our own <name type="person" id="4414" ref="70">brother</name> to wait on us.</div><div type="footnotes"><div type="footnotetext" id="fn0"> Letters 157 (dated 26 January) , 159 and 155</div> <div type="footnotetext" id="fn1"> Turin: Nella Stamperia Reale, 1757. In Vienna, Mozart owned an edition published at Venice: Antonio Zatta, 1782-4; see Deutsch, <hi rend="italic">Mozart. A Documentary Biography</hi>, 602</div> <div type="footnotetext" id="fn2"> The original text says `Hanswurst`, a stock comic character of German-language literature and theatre. See Sheil, `Hanswurst` and letter 217</div></div></body></text></TEI.2>
In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.