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Florence 3 April 1770
We arrived safely in Florence on the evening of 30 March and spent the whole of the next day at home, with Wolfg. remaining in bed until lunchtime as he`d caught a slight chill from the rain and strong winds that we encountered in the mountains. I got him to drink some violet tea and to sweat a little. At 10 o`clock on the morning of 1 April we drove to the home of His Excellency Count Rosenberg, who received us at once even though more than 50 people were waiting in his antechamber as we had brought with us a letter of recommendation from His Excellency Count Firmian and because he had already received news of us from Count Joseph von Kaunitz, footnote1 who had arrived the day before us and who is staying with Count Rosenberg but who had dined with us at the home of His Excellency Count Pallavicini in Bologna. Count Rosenberg immediately sent us off to the court with a message for the Duca de Salviati, instructing him to present us to the Grand Duke. Once there, we heard the sermon and Mass in the chapel and had an audience after the service. The Grand Duke was uncommonly kind and immediately asked about Nannerl. He said that his wife was very keen to hear Wolfg. and spoke to us for a good quarter of an hour. Yesterday evening, the 2nd, we were collected and taken to his castle outside the town, remaining there till after 10 o`clock. Everything passed off as usual, and people`s amazement was all the greater when His Excellency the Marchese Ligneville, |: who is the director of music here and :| the finest contrapuntalist in all Italy, placed the most difficult fugues before Wolfg. and gave him the most difficult themes, which Wolfg. played and worked out as easily as if he was eating a piece of cake. He was accompanied by Nardini, who is a fine violinist. footnote2 This afternoon we`re off to see Manzoli, whom we spoke to yesterday in the street and who asks to be remembered to you both. The castrato Nicolini who was with Quadagni in Vienna is also here. I am really sorry that we shall have to leave here for Rome this coming Friday. I wish you could see Florence and the whole of the surrounding area and the situation of the town for yourself, for you would say that one should live and die here. I shall spend these few days seeing all that there is to see here. Please give our very best wishes to Mme Rosa and tell her that I have often heard of people who have no father: at least they do not know him; but I`ve never heard of anyone not having a mother. And I`m very sorry to hear that Mme Rosa doesn`t have a mother. I was wanting to call on her, but she sent word that she knew of no daughter in Salzb. and that she had never had any children. If people hadn`t assured me that it was indeed she who personally accompanied her daughter to Salzb. and if I hadn`t seen her portrait, I really would have thought that she wasn`t her mother, so much has she denied this person`s existence; why? I can`t begin to guess. It annoyed us a little as we couldn`t imagine such behaviour. I must close as the post is about to leave. Wolfg. and I send our best wishes to all and sundry and kiss you both 1000 times. I am your old
You`ll find 2 camisole sleeves of my grey cloth Holland coat with the gold edging. If you could give it to Mlle Troger, together with my very best wishes, so that she can bring it with her to Milan, that would be most kind of you as my trousers are beginning to tear, and I need to repair them.
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