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À Madame / Madame Marie Anne Mozart / à / Salzbourg / par Mantova

Milan 5 Oct. 1771

Hs Ex Count Firmian arrived safely last Tuesday footnote1 evening at about 8 o`clock and will be leaving tomorrow for Mantua to meet Hs R Highness the Prince in order to accompany him here. H Voggen or von Voggen arrived here the other day - he`s the brother of the Dr Voggen who married Mdle Lisel and who even in Vienna was valet to Hs R H Archd Ferdinand. No doubt you still remember him. He`s a very refined individual and more attractive than his brother the doctor. He`s always been a good friend of ours. I`ve also heard that H E Count Sauerau will be arriving within the next few days. The Duke of York, who was Duke of Glocester when we were in England and who became Duke of York on his brother`s death, will also be coming, he`s breaking his journey in Genoa and Turin. There was another rehearsal of Wolfg.`s cantata in the theatre yesterday, and today it is the turn of the opera. There`ll then be 2 days` rest, before the cantata is rehearsed again on Tuesday: the theatre is occupied from 8 in the morning till 11 at night as the dancers are always there. When he handed me the pills, footnote2 Chaplain Troger told me that you and Nannerl would have liked to have come with us. If you were serious about this, it was very wrong of you not to tell me, although even the journey here and back would have made a difference of at least 60 ducats. But you really don`t need to regret it as you`d have had to endure incredible heat; and although many great things have been organized here, they are either things you`ve already seen better performed elsewhere or things which, because of the crowds, you`d have had to watch at great inconvenience to yourselves and - if you`d insisted on seeing every s**tty show - even at risk of your lives. footnote3 Perhaps you`ll one day have the opportunity to see an opera in Italy; and every carnival opera in Milan is more spectacular than this one because apart from the dances it has absolutely no decorations. I hope I shan`t need the pills: my head is better, thank God. It was no more than a terrible stuffiness caused by the great heat during the journey, so that I barely got through 3 handkerchiefs in 6 weeks, because all the moisture in my brain dried up and stifled me, giving rise to a constant feeling of dizziness. I was cured in part by footbaths and in part by the steam from tea and finally by the change of weather and the cool damp air. The weather`s now fine again. All is well, as long as rain doesn`t dampen the celebrations. Farewell, both of you, we kiss you many 100000 times, and I am, as ever, your old
Best wishes to all our good friends.


I too am well, all praise and thanks be to God, though I feel sleepy all the time. We`ve twice been to see Count Castelbarco, who also came to my first rehearsal in the theatre. I`ve no other news except to report that there`s another rehearsal next Tuesday. Everything else that I was going to tell you has been snatched from my pen by Papa, |: in other words :| he`s already written to tell you. Sig[no]ra Gabrieli is here, we`ll be calling on her shortly so that we can get to know all the leading women singers. Addio, farewell. Best wishes to all our goods friends.
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