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Milan 28 Sept. / 1771
This month has flown past with exceptional speed as we first had to wait for the poem, after which there was always something that needed doing. Our vacation and entertainment are now starting, or, rather, they started last Tuesday as Wolfg. completed his work on Monday, footnote1 so that by Tuesday we`d already resumed our walks. Today is the first rehearsal with the whole band. Yesterday there was a rehearsal for just the choruses, in other words, without instru. Give H Spitzeder our best wishes and tell him that the chorus includes H Bianchi, who sings bass, and his wife, who is one of the first sopranos, and that he`s twice called round here to commend himself to us as he sings with the cathedral choir and would very much like to join the Archduke`s band, but as far as I know, there are no vacancies for singers. You`ll be pleased to hear that I can tell you even now that I have high hopes that Wolfg.`s composition will be well received. First, because both Sgr Manzoli and all the other singers are not only extremely pleased with their arias but are looking forward even more than we are to hearing the serenata with all the instruments this evening. Second, because I know what he`s written and how effective it will be and because it`s more than certain that he`s written it really well not only for the singers but also for the orchestra. As soon as he arrived in Milan, Co Castelbarco set off again for Pavia in order to pay his respects on his fiancée, Mezabarba , footnote2 but he left the packet of music with his valet, who brought it straight over to us. footnote3 We`ll be seeing him tomorrow. We`re in good health, praise be to God, and continue to have fine weather, a few heavy showers having satisfied our desire for rain: everyone is now happy, though we`re all hoping it stays fine for the wedding. I like it when you tell me in all your letters about your own weather. I`ll do the same. Farewell, both of you. We kiss you many 10000000000 times and I am your old
Best wishes to the whole of Salzb.
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In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.