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Rome 2 May 1770
I hope you`ve recovered from your cold. The latest news is that Herr Meissner arrived from Naples at noon today and is leaving again in 2 days for Florence, from where he`s going straight to Salzb., so that he`ll be there shortly. He sends you all his best wishes. I`ve already written to His Grace. You wanted to know if Wolfg. is still singing and playing the fiddle etc. etc. He plays the fiddle, but not in public. footnote1 - He sings, but only when some words are set before him - he has grown a little, - I`m neither fatter nor thinner - and we`ve grown used to Italian food. We`re leaving sooner than I`d thought - on 8 May - as I have the opportunity to go to Naples with 4 Augustinians. Otherwise I`ve nothing to report; I hope that God will keep you and Nannerl well and that He will keep us well enough not only to travel to Naples and back but also, when the time comes, to return home safely. I shan`t be staying in Naples for much more than about 5 weeks: then via Loretto to Bologna and Pisa and thereabouts and to endure the greatest heat in the coolest and healthiest place. Herr Meisner tells me that he hasn`t seen a letter from Salzb. since the beginning of February. I now know why Madame Rosa doesn`t have a mother. footnote2 Best wishes to all our friends. We kiss you and Nannerl 10,000 times, and I am your old


I`m well, praise and thanks be to God, and I kiss Mama`s hand and my sister`s face, nose, mouth, neck and my wretched pen and arse if it`s clean.
Wolgango Mozart: Rome: 1770


That I`m no great lover of letter-writing will already be clear to you, but you should know that I am well, thank God, and that I continue to commend myself to your friendship
Joseph Meissner
My most obedient compliments to Madame Marianna.


Herr Meisner and Wolfg. performed at the German College today. footnote3
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