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A Madame / Madame Marie Anne Mozart / à / Salzbourg

Milan, 13 March 1770

It was impossible for me to write last Saturday as Wolfg. had to compose 3 arias and 1 recit. with violins footnote1 for the concert that was held yesterday at Count Firmian`s, and I was obliged to copy the violin parts myself and then have them duplicated so that they wouldn`t be stolen. There were over 150 members of the leading aristocracy present, foremost among whom were the duke, the princess and the cardinal. It has now been decided that, with God`s help, we`ll leave Milan next Thursday, in other words, the day after tomorrow, but as we`re taking a vetturino footnote2 with us and not leaving till midday, we shan`t be in Parma until Saturday morning; you can well imagine that I`ve an amazing amount of things to do, not least because the whole trunk has been unpacked on account of the length of our stay here. Another matter also has to be resolved between this evening and tomorrow: they want Wolfg. to write the first opera for next Christmas. If this goes ahead, you can be pleased because we shall then certainly be home sooner than would otherwise appear to be the case: as it is, we have enough on our hands trying to get to Rome by Holy Week. You know that Rome is the one place where we absolutely have to stay. We`ll then move on to Naples, a place so important that unless we`re summoned back to Milan to write an opera there, there may well be an opportunity to spend the whole of the coming winter there. But if the scrittura footnote3 were to be signed, the libretto footnote4 will then be sent to us, and Wolfg. can then think the matter over, we can take the Loretto road and be back in Milan by Advent; and as the composer isn`t obliged to stay on after the opera has been staged, we can then return home via Venice and be back within a year. I leave it all to Providence and to God`s decree. Could I ask you to offer my apologies to all and sundry and congratulate everyone called Joseph footnote5 as this is the most exhausting week of my life: you know how difficult, sad and exhausting every departure is. In particular I would ask you to give my most humble good wishes and apologies to our Father Confessor. Please continue as before to address your letters to Herr Troger, who can be relied upon to forward them. I`ll write to you as soon as I`m in Bologna or Florence, perhaps also from Parma. Tomorrow, to mark our departure, we`re dining with His Excellency, who is providing us with letters of recommendation for Parma, Florence, Rome and Naples. footnote6 I can`t tell you how kind he`s been to us throughout our stay. I`d already have written to His Excellency the Chief Steward if I`d not had to wait till tomorrow to do so in greater detail. Give my best wishes to all our good friends. Farewell, I kiss you and Nannerl 1000 times and am your old Mzt
In particular give all conceivable good wishes from us both to Monsieur Selzam.


Best wishes from me too, I kiss Mama and my sister millions of times and am well, thank God, addio.
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