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À Madame / Madame Marie Anne / Mozart / à / Salzbourg / par Mantova
Bologna 22 Sept. 1770

We`re still in the country; but we`ll definitely be going into town tomorrow or Thursday. Send your next letter to Milan and to the same address as before, namely, à M. Leopolde Troger Secretaire de la Chancellerie intime de L: L: M: M: Imp: Roy: & apost: dans leur Lombardie à Milan. I hope you`ll have done everything I told you to do in my recent letters and done it properly, as there was no time to lose with regard to both Frankfurt and Nuremberg. As for H Gräfer in Vienna, he recently received 12 copies and will settle up in the new year, but note that he has to pay in Viennese currency. You`ll find it all clearly written down in the list that I left behind on a sheet of paper. He can pay H Joseph Peisser there on behalf of H Hagenauer. Both here and in Rome there has recently been talk of a great movement aimed at suppressing the religion of the Jesuits. The House of Bourbon won`t be placated, and both Spain and France are urging the pope most insistently. Also, an inflammatory book has appeared in Naples whose author is a certain Marchese Spiriti. footnote1 It`s a refutation of a papal theologian, Father Mammachi, a Dominican, who had previously written a very powerful book in support of the clergy, namely, the Immunitas Ecclesiae, and the right of the Church to own property; footnote2 and in this book he attacked the ruling lords and their ministers with some vigour. This Marchese Spiriti struck a very satirical note in writing against this book, doubtless at the prompting of the Spanish, Portug and Neapolitan courts. Let me know if Co Ignatius Spaur is in Salzb. and, if so, if he`s going to be there for some time. If not, I`d like to know if he`s going to the Paris anniversary: footnote3 I have a commission for him. You can make enquiries with Doblander, the men`s tailor. I`m not really in the mood for writing today, as I feel as if someone`s shot me through my left shoulder blade, so great is the pain. I hope that you and Nannerl are keeping well, we send you many 1000 00000 etc. and I am your old


I hope that, like you, Mama is well and that you answer my letters better in future as it`s much easier to reply to something than to make something up oneself. I prefer Hayden`s 6 minuets to his first 12, footnote4 we`ve often had to perform them for the Countess and wish we could introduce Italian audiences to the German taste in minuets as their own minuets last nearly as long as an entire symphony. I`m sorry my writing is so bad, I could write better but I`m in a hurry. We`d like two small diaries for next year. Addio.
C. W. Mozart footnote5
I kiss Mama`s hand.


Best wishes to all our good friends. Each of us has a Salzburg pocket diary from Mayr`s printing office. footnote6 We could have new ones bound into them if we had any. If you buy 2 and have them put together at the binder`s, you can put a few pages in with each letter that you write to me, in that way we`ll gradually receive the 2 diaries by the new year; and even if we have only one, we`ll be satisfied. Addieu.
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