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Carlo (alias Farinelli) Broschi
Geboren: Andria (Italien) 21/01/1705   Gestorben: Andria (Italien) 15/07/1782
Briefe, in denen diese Person genannt wird
171 (27. März 1770) | anzeigen
Castrato. Farinelli, one of the most celebrated singers of the eighteenth century, studied at Naples with Nicola Porpora. He sang at Rome in 1722 in Porpora`s Eumene and Flavio Anicio Olibrio, in Vienna in 1724, and thereafter at Parma, Milan and Bologna, among other places; at the time, Johann Joachim Quantz described his voice as `full, rich, bright and well-modulated`. Following appearances at Munich, Venice and, again, Vienna, Farinelli moved to London where he sang for the Opera of the Nobility. In 1737 he went to Madrid, where he was appoionted chamber musician to King Philip V; thereafter he retired from public performance. He left Spain, with a pension, retiring to Bologna. Lit.: Sacchi, Vita del Cavalliere Don Carlo Broschi detto Farinelli; Heartz, `Farinelli revisited`; Barbier, Farinelli. Le castrat des lumières; Il fantasma di Farinelli; Basso, I Mozart in Italia, 509-511; http://www.comune.bologna.it/iperbole/farinelli/inglese/index.htm
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