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Gian Francesco (Ciccio) De Majo
Geboren: Neapel (Italien) 27/03/1732   Gestorben: Neapel (Italien) 17/11/1770
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184 (19. Mai 1770) | anzeigen
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Composer. A son of the primo maestro of the royal chapel in Naples, De Majo served in the royal chapel from 1750 and was appointed second organist in 1758. His first opera, Ricimero, re dei gotti was given at Rome and Parma in 1759 and during a trip through northern Italy, from 1761 to 1763, he studied with Padre Martini. He traveled to Vienna in 1764 and to Mannheim, where he produced an Ifigenia in Tauride. Thereafter De Majo spent time in Venice, Rome and Naples, where he hoped to succeed his father at the royal chapel. He was commissioned to compose Eumene for the Teatro S Carlo in 1770 but died before its completion. Mozart met De Majo in Naples in May 1770 and heard some of his church music, which he described as ‘bellissima’ (letter 188). Lit.: Dietz, ‘A Chronology of Maestri and Organisti at the Cappella Reale in Naples, 1745–1800’; Henze, ‘Opera seria am kurpfälzischen Hofe’; Oxford Music Online.
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