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Giovanni Battista Martini
Geboren: Bologna (Italien) 24/04/1706   Gestorben: Bologna (Italien) 03/08/1784
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Franciscan monk, composer and music scholar and teacher. Martini, author of the three-volume Storia della musica (Bologna, 1757–1781), met Mozart and his father when in Bologna in March 1770, on the first of Mozart`s Italian tours and later that year, in October, Martini wrote a testimonial for Mozart on his admission to the Accademia Filarmonica. Mozart and his father stayed in touch with Martini even after their return to Salzburg. A letter of 4 September 1776, written by Leopold but signed by Wolfgang, laments the distance between them (while also complaining about the state of music in Salzburg) and included a copy of Wolfgang`s recently composed Misercordia Domini K222. In 1777 Leopold arranged to send Martini a portrait of Wolfgang wearing the Order of the Golden Spur that had been conferred on him in 1770. Lit.: Clive, Mozart and his Circle, 98-9; Basso, I Mozart in Italia, 602-5
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