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Venanzio Rauzzini
Geboren: Camerino (Italien) 19/12/1746   Gestorben: Camerino (Italien) 08/04/1810

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Rauzzini was based in Munich (1766-1772), Vienna (1767), Italy (1772-1774) and England (from 1774). He sang the role of Cecilio at the premiere of Lucio Silla in 1772. Leopold Mozart was not especially taken with Rauzzini`s singing in September 1767 in Vienna but was far more complimentary on hearing him rehearse for Lucio Silla: `he sings [his first aria] like an angel` (letter of 28 November 1772, leter 268). Feigning stage-fright at the premiere in order to elicit special encouragement and applause from the Archduchess, Rauzzini made Anna de Amicis, who sang Giunia, jealous, as reported by Leopold (letter of 2 January 1773). Mozart also wrote the motet `Exsultate jubilate`, K165, for him. Lit.: Clive, Mozart and his Circle, 126; Basso, I Mozart in Italia, 645-646
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