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Maria Theresia Hagenauer
née Schuster
Gestorben: 02/11/1800
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Originally based at 7-9 Getreidegasse, the spice firm of Johann Lorenz Hagenauer (1712-Salzburg 09/04/1792) traded actively in Salzburg and beyond. In 1789 he purchased the spice business of Franz Josef Bauernfeind at 4 Kranzlmarkt; this newly-acquired business was run by his son Leopold Judas Thaddäus (Salzburg 18/05/1761-28/10/1828). Earlier, Hagenauer had expanded his trade into Italy, chiefly through the efforts of his son Ignaz Joachim (Salzburg 18/08/1749-Trieste 03/01/1824), who was based in Trieste at least since 1779. When Johann Lorenz died, the Salzburg branch of the family business was taken over by his son Johann Nepomuk Anton (Salzburg 04/06/1741-Salzburg 25/07/1799) but only for two years. The business then fell to Leopold Thaddäus and to two daughters, Maria Theresia (Salzburg 16/01/1740-31/03/1820) and Maria Ursula (Salzburg 19/10/1753-Salzburg 08/05/1831). Following the death of Maria Ursula, the family business was inherited by the last living child, Maria Franziska (Salzburg 11/01/1755-Salzburg 26/10/1836), who sold it to the firm`s bookkeeper, Joseph Schuler. Johann Lorenz was among Leopold Mozart`s closest friends in Salzburg and his landlord from about 1747. He also acted as Leopold Mozart`s banker and financial intermediary during the Mozart`s trips throughout Europe. One son, Kajetan Rupert (Salzburg 23/10/1746-Salzburg 04/06/1811), who in 1765 professed at St Peter`s as P. Dominicus and in 1786 was elected Abbot there, was particularly close to the Mozarts; it was for the first mass he celebrated that Wolfgang composed K66. The Mozarts were also in touch with another branch of the Hagenauer family, that of Johann Lorenz`s cousin, the architect Johann Baptist Hagenauer (Salzburg 22/06/1732-Vienna 10/09/1811). Johann Baptist married the Italian portraitist Rosa Barducci (?-Vienna 18/06/1786) in 1764. A portrait by Barducci of Mozart`s mother probably dates from the mid-1770s. Lit.: Cliff Eisen, `A Newly Discovered Portrait of Mozart?`; Barth, `Die Hagenauers. Ein Salzburger Bürgergeschlect aus Ainring`; Schuler, 28-30; Ammer and Angermüller, 153-160; Angermüller, `Der Mozart-Freund Johann Lorenz Hagenauer. Notizen zur Biographie`
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