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Dolfin (Famiglia)
Briefe, in denen diese Person genannt wird
234 (6. März 1771) | anzeigen
Venetian patricians. It was probably two members of the family, Giovanni Antonio and his wife Donata Salamon, who invited the Mozarts to dine in Venice during their stay there in February and March 1771. Giovanni Antonio had since 1744 been counsellor to the Serenissima a Zante. The "E. Dolina" in Leopold's letter of 25 February 1771 (letter 232) may be their daughter Caterina Dolfin (Venice, 8 May 1736-Venice, 14 November 1793), who in 1755 married Marcantonio Tiepolo but left him the next year for Andrea Tron, scion of a prominent Venetian family, whom she married in 1772. Caterina ran a salon that was frequented by numerous litterati. Another branch of the Dolfin family in Venice included Alvise, who in 1752 secretly married Maddalena Pasqua Ferrandini, sister of the musician Giovanni Battista Ferrandini. Alvise was entrusted with the restoration of a theatre in Treviso for the inauguration of the 1771 carnival season, during Mozart's time there. Lit.: Cattelan, Mozart. Un mese a Venezia; Basso, I Mozart in Italia, 545-546.
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