207-223 Portobello Street, Sheffield S1 4DP
Western Works

From 1978 Cabaret Voltaire rented rooms on the second floor of this old industrial building for both rehearsing and recording. It was very unusual for a band to have their own studio in those days, so the place became a magnet for other like-minded bands and musicians both local (Artery, Chakk & Hula) and beyond (New Order, 23 Skidoo & Laibach). The number of bands linked with Western Works is extensive - ClockDVA recorded a number of tracks including 'Anti Chance' on the DVA album 'White Souls In Black Suits' and New Order recorded their first demos there following the suicide of Ian Curtis.

A small number of local bands (Treebound Story and Jass) practiced in the large rehearsal space for a short time, alongside the Cabs' neatly kept, white washed studio.
Most of the attached buildings were in a bad state and Richard H Kirk recalled, "it just became ridiculous trying to work in a derelict building. That was demolished and in 1987 we moved to another place near the football ground and the railway station."

Following the demolition of Western Works, the University rebuilt on the site using a 'mock-industrial' design, completing in 1993 what is now called Regent Court to house the Department of Computer Science. There is a memorial to Samuel Plimsoll (apparently in the wrong place) but no reference to Cabaret Voltaire.