Attercliffe Common, Sheffield S9 2AE
Hill Top Chapel, Attercliffe Common(built 1629). Sensoria video location.

This is the location of the iconic preacher scene in the promo video for the track Sensoria.

[Geoff Nicholson’s Dancing in the Graveyard can be found here]  

Attercliffe Chapel, also known as the Hill Top Chapel, is a Gothic chapel in Attercliffe. 

The chapel was constructed in 1629, when Attercliffe was a township separate from Sheffield, although in the same parish.
By the 1840s, the chapel was used only for funeral services.
The chapel, surrounded by its cemetery with the graves of Benjamin Huntsman, inventor of crucible steel and the gentry of old Attercliffe, and lying on the south bank of the River Don, was largely rebuilt in 1909, but retains its period atmosphere.