Tudor Square, Sheffield S1 1DA
Crucible StudioStars on Sunday gigs

Initially organised by Mike Boyd and a bunch of local musicians including Dave Kurley of New Model Soldier, Stars on Sunday was a weekly night of gigs in the Crucible Studio that ran from early evening until time for the last bus.

Stars on Sunday gave a platform for a whole breeding ground of Sheffield music at the time, though one edition also featured Roddy Radiation and the Tearjerkers. Local bands featured included Mary Mary - (a cool-looking local couple, Mick and Laura Deeley, sadly Laura is now no longer with us but very fondly remembered by a huge number from the music and nightlife scene in Sheffield). It was the first time drummer Nick Banks saw the an early line up of Pulp, with whom he would later go on to play Glastonbury.

Other Sheffield bands that played Stars on Sunday include Alice Goes Pop!, Bambi Kino, Bass Tone Trap, Debar, Fatales, In A Belljar, In the Nursery, Ken Forgettable, Mirror Crack'd, New Model Soldier, Pulp, Quite Unnerving, Rough Copy, Flying Alphonso Brothers, Splash, They Must Be Russians, Tsi Tsa, Toy Shop and Vicious Circles.

Occasionally the nights would bring live theatre performance eg Cabinet of Dr Caligari. The studio was refurbished in 1994 and is often used by Ensemble 360 and the Music in the Round festival alongside touring theatrical productions. Thanks to Dave Kurley for his help tracing back.