corner of Fargate, Church Street., Sheffield
Coles Corner

Coles Corner, the name given to the corner of Fargate and Church Street, in sight of the cathedral, became a favourite meeting place and one of Sheffield's best known and well-loved landmarks. It was the site of the old Cole Brothers department store (opened 1847) before they moved to Barker's Pool in 1963. A modern building was built on the site of Coles Corner and has been occupied by Midland Bank and various retailers over the years, it currently houses HSBC, Starbucks Coffee, Vodafone andThe Carphone Warehouse. The name is still remembered by many Sheffielders of a certain age as the place to meet one's date. A plaque put up by the Rotary Club now marks the spot and ensures its history is not forgotten.

Coles Corner has since been immortalised in a song and album by Richard Hawley, hear why on his audio commentary..