Sheffield Students Union, Western Bank, Sheffield S10 2TG
Sheffield Students UnionFuzz Club

Penny Blackham joined the Sheffield Students Union as an Ents Assistant whose focus was on growing the live music aspect of the Union through the night Fuzz Club which ran from 1999 - 2009. Penny grew the brand of Fuzz Club and worked with many of the big local, national and international indie names from the first half of the 2000s. 

The Raynor Lounge is a room in Sheffield University Students Union and home to the night Offbeat. Offbeat is an underground indie night which has run since 1997 by Chris Stride and his partner Jill, Chris is an academic at the university. 

Nat Johnson was a regular here throughout her student days and beyond. Before the refubishment of The Raynor Lounge in 2006 the room was small and dingy however that was part of the charm, along with the lolly pop you recieved on the door, queuing through the crowds of students in Bar One and the request sheet with a quiz on the back. Nat first saw people dance to the music of the band she fronted 'Monkey Swallowed The Universe' here and her song 'Sheffield Shanty' also featured as one of the quiz topics. Nat described it as 'a shambles, but the most beautiful shambles in the world'. 

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