The Arts Tower, Western Bank, Sheffield S10 2TN
The Arts Tower

For many the arts tower has become a symbolic image of the city, particularly for the student population who come to study at The University of Sheffield where the building is based. Its most famous feature is the paternoster lift, which is a lift that never stops rotating round the building. 

Nat Johnson sees The Arts Tower as a representation of the university which was where she started making music, mainly making up silly songs about her housemates as a student in 2000 - 2003 before she started performing. It then featured in 'Sheffield Shanty' the first song that got Nat some attention as a musician, it features the lyrics 'I don't need to navigate by stars, I use the road signs and The Arts Tower'. 

Siobhan Bligh remembers it as the place where she first met some of the band members of her band Brave New Storm. She was there as part of a protest occupation of a lecture theatre against the government rise in tuition fees where she saw University Ceilidh Band perform and asked the cellist and violinist player to join her band. 


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