72 - 82 West Street, Sheffield S1 4EP
The Limit

One of the most legendary and fondly remembered venues in Sheffield's musical history. The Limit was a live venue and night club - a subterranean haven for those seeking alternative music, a different dress code and general refuge from the maintsream 'townie' bars across the city centre.

The Limit experience invariably included flooded toilets, sticky floors and p*ss weak lager - all happily forgiven by those in search of kindred spirits out for a truly eclectic musical experience from DJ Paul Unwin and a regular roster of live acts - whether local or touring.

The venue presented a wide range of bands from Siouxsie and the Banshees, Joy Division, Adam and the Ants, The Cramps, U2 (Bono famously split his leather trousers at a Limit concert), Wilko Johnson, Soup Dragons, even Curiosity Killed the Cat - but also welcomed many new and emerging Sheffield bands including The Human League, Comsat Angels, Cabaret Voltaire, Def Leppard and more.

One of the more infamous gigs featured an early incarnation of Pulp in 1986 - with Jarvis Cocker in a wheelchair (thanks to his antics climbing out of a first floor flat window at a party and coming a cropper).

The venue opened in March 1978 with local band Bitter Suite playing to a packed venue - and quickly established itself as an eagerly anticipated weekly night out for a growing community of Sheffield punks, goths, gays, transexuals, students and regular looking kids too. "It was an utter dive. But it was OUR utter dive". (John Quinn)

Sheffield bands that played The Limit included Artery, Cabaret Voltaire, Comsat Angels, Clock DVA, Def Leppard, Disease, The Extras, I'm So Hollow, Flexible Penguins, The Human League, Mirror Crack'd, Peter and the Wolves, Pulp, Treebound Story and Vice Versa.

Jo Wingate.