6 Leadmill Road, Sheffield S1 4SE
The Esquire

A derelict flour mill in a run down part of the city housed the legendary Esquire club, where during the 60s The Who, Jimi Hendrix the Small Faces and others played on a stage made from 2 grand pianos with their legs sawn off.

The Esquire was located on the first, second and third floors above the main entrance and running towards the station end of Leadmill Road. On the first floor there was the lounge, cloakroom and toilets. On the next floor was the main stage area with the stage over and above where the turnstiles are now. Behind the stage was the dressing room. Just in front of the stage was a hole in the floor above. Quite a large hole with a balcony where you could look down on the stage. The coffee bar was at the far end above the entrance door. The fire escape was a ridiculous open treaded wooden stair pitched at about 50-60 degrees - a veritable death trap.

The Esquire was renowned for presenting a string of great bands - The Graham Bond Organization, Long John Baldry, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, Sonny Boy Williamson, Little Walter, Screaming Lord Sutch, Pretty Things, Joe Cocker performing as Vance Arnold and the Avengers.

Bill Coopland (aka Willie) who used to DJ at The Esquire, 65-67, recalls the Small Faces calling in, after being paid-off somewhere else, to get a spot for gas money back to London, Frank White with his white Gibson twin-neck given to him by Jimmy Page and The Who, completely covering the stage with their Marshall amps. Keith Moon's kit just fitted in front of that famous pole and their first number was a mass of noise. Allegedly they had sprinted over from doing Top Of The Pops in Manchester, when 'My Generation' was in the charts - and their van had a huge dent in it from a collision coming over The Snake.