Sheffield Music Map

Sheffield Music Map is a mobile application which provides users with access to a location-based guide to Sheffield's musical heritage. It was developed by Sensoria Festival in collaboration with The University of Sheffield's Humanities Research Institute and School of English.

The Sheffield Music Map is also featured on the Uncommon People website - an online family tree of Sheffield's musical talent. The website was developed by Sensoria Festival and 10th Planet.
Sheffield Music map was funded by The University of Sheffield Arts Enterprise.
Thanks to Dr Matt Cheeseman ( for his support of the project, 10th Planet for slavishly developing the website over several years and the University's Humanities Research Institute for the app development.
Sheffield Music Map content is partly based on user contributions, this helps form an informal feel to the app and website. If you feel any content is inaccurate please do get in touch.
Whilst we believe that we are only hosting content that we have rights to, if you feel that we are breaking copyright please contact us so we can resolve the issue.