Materializing Sheffield: Place, Culture, Identity


This e-book is based on a workshop organised by Sharon Macdonald and held at Sheffield's Millennium Galleries in 2003. The workshop received financial support from Sheffield University's Research Division of Social Sciences and assistance in kind from Sheffield Museums and Galleries. The articles here (which also include articles not presented at the original workshop) have been extracted, collated and edited by Sharon Macdonald with assistance from James Symonds. Kathy Rogers has been responsible for turning it into a website, with design assistance from Prue Chiles and Leo Care. Simone Abram has helped to launch and publicize the website. Financial support for producing the website was provided by Sheffield University's Research Divisions of Arts and Humanities and of Social Sciences. Grateful thanks are extended to the contributors, those who took part in the conference, the Humanities Research Institute (including its former director, Mark Greengrass, as well as its present director, David Shepherd), the directors of the Research Divisions (Peter Jackson and Peter Ainsworth) and all those who have participated in or otherwise supported the project.