dómhringr (ON) noun

A circle of judges or judgment circle. In Grg Þsþ 47 this refers to an area where judges dismissed from the Fifth Court are to sit during the proceedings of a case. It has been suggested that the dómhringr was the area surrounded by a vébönd (q.v.) as portrayed in the description of Gulaþing in Egils saga. Saga evidence further depicts the dómhringr as the location where the person on trial stood (Eyrbyggja saga) or where human sacrifices took place (Landnámabók), though most now consider the latter unlikely. Some confusion has arisen between the term dómhringr and the Early Modern Swedish appellation domarring, which has been used to denote a variety of stone circles identified through archaeological investigations. These circles have been attributed a variety of purposes, including burial, ritual and legal usage.

circle of judges OIce Grg Þsþ 47 Refs:

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