domber (OSw) dom (ODan) dombr (OGu) dómr (ON) dom (OSw) dombær (OSw) noun

A court; a judgment issued by a court. Medieval Nordic dómar have been described as instruments of arbitration (Sunde 2014, 143), as they typically serve to resolve disputes between two private parties. Such courts usually did not have a judge but rather a panel or jury who issued a judgment for a case based on evidence provided by a prosecutor and defendant. In Iceland dómar always dealt only with the facts of a case. Points of law were taken up in the Law Council (ON lögrétta).

In compounds –dómr often denotes a state or condition, e.g. ON heiðindómr (‘heathendom’). A rare usage of the term denotes an object in the phrase heilagr dómr (‘relic’).

conviction OSw DL Rb
court (1) ONorw FrL Intr 16 Var 46 Sab 1
OIce Grg Þsþ 20
ONorw GuL Krb, Kpb, Løb, Llb, Arb, Mhb, Olb
OIce Þfb 8
OIce Js Þfb 6 Ert 25 Kab 1

court meeting ONorw FrL KrbA 1
court-sitting OIce Grg Hrs 234
decision OSw ÄVgL Md
ODan ESjL 2
ODan JyL Fort, 2
ODan VSjL 58, 87

judge OSw SdmL Rb
OSw VmL Kkb

judgement OSw ÄVgL Jb
ODan ESjL 2, 3
ONorw FrL Var 7, 46
OGu GL A 31
OIce Grg passim
ONorw GuL Krb, Kpb, Mhb, Olb
OSw HL Kkb, Rb
OIce Kab 1 Fml 25
OIce Js passim
ODan JyL 1−3
OIce KRA 18, 34
OSw ÖgL Kkb, Eb, Vm
OSw SdmL Conf, Kkb, Jb, Bb, Kmb, Mb, Tjdb, Rb
OFar Seyð 2, 5
ODan SkL 188, 241
OSw UL StfBM, Kkb, Mb, Jb, Blb, Rb
OSw VmL Kkb, Mb, Jb, Bb, Rb
ODan VSjL 52, 58
OSw YVgL Drb, Tb, Jb, Add

judicial power OSw HL Rb
permission ODan ESjL 3
ODan SkL 162, 233

right to judge OSw HL Kkb
sentence OSw DL Tjdb
ONorw GuL Mhb
ODan SkL 163, 233

verdict OSw DL Bb, Gb, Rb
ONorw FrL ArbB 7
OSw HL Kkb, Mb, Rb
OIce Þfb 3
OSw YVgL Add

dómar eru úti (ON)

courts are sitting OIce Grg Vís 105

domber ok skæl, mæþ domom och full skælom (OSw)

excuse OSw VmL Mb

legal grounds OSw HL Rb

legal procedures OSw UL Blb VmL Mb, Bb

heiðinn dómr (ON)

heathendom ONorw GuL Krb

heilagr dómr (ON)

relic OIce Js Kdb 5

rísa ór dómi (ON)

to withdraw (to recuse onself?) OIce Grg Þsþ 25


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