tompt (OSw) toft (ODan) tóft (ON) tuft (ON) toft (OSw) tomt (OSw) topt (OSw) noun

Tompt (OSw) and toft (ODan) refer to the enclosed area immediately surrounding the farm houses (curtilage, plot), the size and use of which varied considerably throughout the North.The words have a number of related meanings in the East Norse laws, all of which seem to carry some legal significance.The ON tóft, might also refer to the foundation and walls before a roof was put on, and later it was used to describe ruined buildings. A corresponding word in Norwegian is (not in the laws) tún and in Icelandic bær (q.v. byr).

building plot OSw DL Gb
building site OIce Fml 27
ONorw FrL KrbA 12
ONorw GuL Krb, Leb

curtilage OSw DL Bb, Rb
OSw UL Jb, Blb
OSw VmL Bb

ground ONorw FrL LlbA 2
ground plot OSw YVgL Urb, Jb, Kvab, Föb, Add
OSw ÄVgL Jb, Kva

homestead OSw MELL Bb
homestead area OSw MELL Bb
homestead plot OSw MELL Bb
land OSw DL Bb
OSw ÖgL Eb

land allocated (to someone) OSw UL Blb
OSw VmL Bb

plot (1) OSw HL Blb
OSw SdmL Äb, Bb, Till
OSw UL Jb, Blb
OSw VmL Mb, Jb, Bb

property OSw VmL Bb

toft ODan ESjL 2, 3
ODan JyL 1, 3
OSw ÖgL Jb
OSw ÖgL Rb
OSw ÖgL Bb


lagha tompt (OSw)

A tompt of a specified size.

lawful ground plot OSw YVgL Jb

rightful ground OSw YVgL Jb

svoren toft (ODan)

A toft converted from common land (ODan almænning, see almænninger) by all men of the village, and contrasted to old toft. Cp. vægher.

sworn toft ODan JyL 1:51

ta ok tomta ra, ta ok tompta ra (OSw)

village highway and property boundaries OSw VmL Bb


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