binda (OSw) binde (ODan) binda (ON) verb

Literally ‘to bind, to tie’. In legal contexts most significantly bringing certain criminals — particularly thieves — to justice, physically restrained during the transportation to, or while waiting for, the þing ‘assembly’. On the other hand, illegally apprehending or physically restraining an innocent free person was severely punished. Most often appears as baste ok binde (ODan), basta ok binda (OSw), but also binda a bak (OSw), (see below), which might be interpreted as tying the hands, or possibly the stolen goods, to the back of the thief. Occasionally, there is a more abstract legal interpretation of tying something to someone, often in the phrase binda a (OSw), literally ‘tie to’, which might be translated as ‘to claim’, ‘to refer’, ‘to substantiate’ or ‘to attribute’ for instance a crime to a person.

bind ODan ESjL 3
ODan JyL 2
ODan SkL 136, 151, 159, 184
ODan VSjL 59, 60
ONorw GuL Llb,Tjb, Olb

confirm OSw HL Jb
contract OSw VmL Kkb
fetter OSw HL Mb
link OSw HL Mb
prove OGu GL A 18
tie up ODan VSjL 59, 86, 87
OSw SdmL Bb


basta ok binda, basta ok i band föra, basta æller binda, binda ok basta (OSw)

accuse OSw HL Mb

bind OSw YVgL Tb

bind (and put) in bonds OSw UL Kkb, Mb, Blb VmL Mb, Bb

fetter and imprison OSw HL Kgb

fetter or bind OSw HL Kgb

put in fetters and bonds OSw HL Mb

tether or tie up OSw DL Eb UL Kgb VmL Kgb

tie and violate OSw HL Blb

tie up and bind OSw SdmL Kgb, Mb, Tjdb

binda a (OSw)

claim OSw UL Jb VmL Jb

refer to OSw UL Jb VmL Jb

OSw UL Jb, Kmb, Blb VmL Jb, Kmb, Bb

support OSw UL Jb VmL Jb

binda a bak (OSw) binde a bak (ODan)

bind to the back ODan JyL 2

pinion OSw YVgL Drb, Tb ÄVgL Md, Tb

binda fullum bandum (OSw)

bind someone with full ropes OSw YVgL Add

binda æller basta æller i fiætur sætia (OSw)

accuse OSw HL Mb


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