bauggildismaðr (ON) noun

Means ‘agnate’, a near kinsman on the father’s side and in the male line. The agnatic kinsman received and paid the larger payments in the manbot (q.v.). The circle of agnatic kinsmen included relatives up to and including first cousins.

agnate OIce Js Mah 13, 34 Kab 2
agnate kinsman ONorw FrL Mhb 7, 9 ArbB 20
agnate who has to pay or receive {bauggildi} ONorw GuL Kpb, Løb, Tfb, Mhb, Olb
kinsman on the father’s side ONorw FrL Var 9 ArbB 1 Kvb 9 Jkb 4 Refs:

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