soknaþing (OSw) sóknarþing (ON) noun

In OSw HL, a þing ‘assembly’ of the men of the parish summoned by the lænsmaþer (q.v.) twice a year and held anywhere but at the church farm (OSw kirkiubol). In OIce, a part of an assembly, in Grg Þsþ 56 the várþing (‘spring assembly’), dealing with prosecutions and certain announcements. In ONorw, referring to procedures for dealing with multiple assemblies falling on the same day.

parish assembly OSw KrL Bb

parish thing OSw HL Rb
prosecution assembly OIce Grg Þsþ 58, 59 Feþ 149 Fjl 225
ONorw FrL Rgb 3

thing (1) OSw HL Rb Refs:

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