roþarætter (OSw) noun

This has two distinct meanings. Firstly, it refers to the law in force during the levy, or maritime law in general; secondly to the law of the Roden (that coastal part of Uppland not included in the hundari (q.v.) of Tiundaland and Attundaland) as opposed to the law of the whole province or of the nation.

The law in force at sea or during the levy was more stringent than that on land. During the levy, many crimes were punished as if they broke the King’s Peace, even if similar crimes on land were not (UL Kgb). While men were taking part in the levy, any crime against them or amongst them was seen as a crime against the king himself.

The local law applicable to the Roden differed in respect of the sequence of events applicable to the referral of cases for appeal (UL Rb).

There are suggestions (by Hjärne and others) that the meanings of roþer should not be linked and that two different words are involved.

law of Roden OSw UL För, Rb (table of contents only)
law of the {roþer} OSw UL För, Kgb
OSw VmL För

sea regulation OSw SdmL Kgb

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