máldagi (ON) noun

A general term for an agreement or contract, but often refers specifically to a written document or register detailing the terms of the agreement. Frequently used for church inventories (kirkjumáldagi) from the end of the twelfth century onwards. This sort of máldagi was kept updated and could include, among other things, land deeds, incomes, number of priests, granted rights or privileges, lists of books and registers of church equipment. New máldagar were supposed to be read aloud at the General Assembly (ON alþingi) and then annually at the church where the document was kept.

agreement OIce Grg Klþ 4 Þsþ 80 Arþ 125 Ómb 133 Feþ 144 Fjl 223 Misc 251
OIce Lbb 11 Llb 1
OIce KRA 4
ONorw GuL Krb

arrangement OIce Kge 18
OIce Js Kvg 1

endowment agreement OIce Grg Tíg 268
register OIce KRA 15
terms OIce Kge 1 Refs:

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