lýritti (ON) lýriti (ON) noun

Three boundary stones marking divisions between properties. According to Jó Lbb 3 (and MLL VI.3) these are also called marksteinar (see marksteinn). Associated with the power of ‘veto’ (ON lýrittr). It has been suggested that these stones serve as a type of witness and derive their name from the legal term for a three-man oath (ON lýrittareiðr), though at least one scholar has argued that the stones predate the oath (cf. Páll Vídalín 1854 s.v. lýrittar).

boundary stone OIce Lbb 3 Refs:

Fritzner s.v. lýrittarstein, lýritti; Hertzberg s.v. lýriti, lýrittarstein; KLNM s.v. jordejendom, lýrittr; Páll Vídalín 1854 s.v. lýrittar

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