köpoiorþ (OSw) køpejorth (ODan) kaupajörð (ON) noun

Bought land could be sold without the restrictions that applied to inherited land. In ODan SkL often appearing in the phrase køpejorth ok bolfæ ‘bought land and movables’ in the context of inheritance. In ONorw GuL appearing as a non-acceptable means of payment of fines.

bought land ODan ESjL 1, 3
ODan JyL 1, 3
ODan SkL 1, 5, 7, 22, 24−26, 30
ODan VSjL 1, 3, 14

land which one buys OSw HL Blb
purchased land ONorw GuL Mhb
OSw YVgL Äb, Rlb, Jb

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