kennslumál (ON) kennslamál (ON) noun

A case involving evidence. The term is used in Js Mah 37 and MLL (NGL II:70), both of which specify that only oaths from witnesses will be acceptable, such as those in a kennslamál or an oath of denial (ON duleiðr), rather than oaths of equity (ON jafnaðareiðr, see jamnaþareþer) given by compurgators. In Kjalnesinga saga it is stated that oaths were to be sworn on a silver ring for all kennslamál.

evidence case OIce Js Mah 37
ONorw MLL Mah 26

CV s.v. kennslamál; Fritzner s.v. kenslamál; Hertzberg s.v. kenslamál

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