jamnskylder (OSw) jafnskyldr (ON) adj.

equally close in kin OSw YVgL Äb, Gb, Add
OSw ÄVgL Md, Äb

equally closely related OSw HL Äb
equally obliged OIce Js Mah 8
equally related OIce Kge 7-4 Kab 2
OIce Js Ert 15 Kab 2
ONorw FrL Sab 9 ArbA 15
ONorw GuL Løb, Mhb, Sab
OSw SdmL Jb

equally required OIce Grg Hrs 234
OIce KRA 32

required in the same way OIce Llb 62
of the same kinship ONorw FrL Mhb 31

  • ‘jamnskylder’. A Lexicon of Medieval Nordic Law.