hæraþsþing (OSw) hærethsthing (ODan) heraðsþing (ON) noun

A þing ‘assembly’ of the administrative/judicial district hæraþ in its various usages. The highest assembly of the hæraþ (q.v.) in the Göta laws. Dealing mostly with local matters, and the venue for interactions with representatives of king and bishop. According to ODan laws, held every fortnight (every eight days in SkL). In OSw YVgL held twice a year and led by the hæraþshöfþingi (q.v.), but in ODan laws apparently without a formal leader. In OIce Grg, herað was synonymous with hreppr (q.v.), but the heraðsþing was an assembly of the quarter (ON fjórðungr, see fiarþunger).

assembly in/of the district ODan JyL 1
OSw YVgL Gb, Föb, Add

district assembly ODan ESjL 2, 3
ODan JyL 2
ODan SkL 17, 19, 71, 73, 139, 145, 188, 214, 226
ODan VSjL 32, 68, 69, 78, 87
OIce Lbb 8 Llb 39
OIce Js Mah 19 Rkb 2

hundred court OSw KrL Jb Bb Rb Hb Tb
OSw MEL Jb Bb Rb Tb

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