hion (OSw) hjon (ODan) hjón (ON) hjóna (ON) hjún (ON) noun

Derived from a PGmc word meaning ‘family’, and etymologically related to hirð (q.v.) and other similar words, it might mean ‘household members’ or ‘servants’, or ‘folk’ in general, and in the context of marriage refer to the married or betrothed couple as an entity. In all the meanings exhibited there is a sense of ‘belonging’, whether between people or between a person and a household. The compounds formed from the word as a prefix tend to refer to aspects of marriage, whereas when used as a suffix, the word tends to specify a type of servant, which illustrates the two separate meanings.

betrothed couple OSw DL Kkb
couple ONorw BorgL 3.4 17.1
OSw SdmL Kkb, Gb, Mb
OSw UL Kkb, Äb, Mb
OSw VmL Kkb, Äb, Mb
OSw YVgL Kkb

domestic servant OSw DL Kkb, Eb, Bb
engaged couple OSw HL Kkb
folk OSw UL Kmb
OSw VmL Kmb

household ONorw EidsL 12.2
ONorw FrL Mhb 5
OSw ÖgL Kkb, Eb, Db

household member ONorw BorgL 5.2 14.5
OSw SdmL Kgb, Till
OSw UL Kgb, Äb
OSw VmL Kgb, Mb

household members ONorw EidsL 12.3
ONorw FrL Rgb 3 Bvb 6
OIce Js Mah 11
OIce KRA 13

household servant OSw HL Kgb
household servants OFar Seyð 3, 7
man and wife OSw DL Gb
ONorw FrL Kvb 5
OIce Grg Arþ 125 Tíg 259
OIce Kge 3
OIce Js Kvg 3, 5

married couple ONorw EidsL 4
OIce Kge 7, 13
OIce KRA 15

member of a household OSw DL Eb
OSw HL Kgb

people belonging to the household ONorw GuL Kvb, Mhb, Tjb, Leb
people of the household OIce Llb 4
servant OSw ÄVgL Kkb, Rlb, Tb
ODan ESjL 1−3
OSw HL Kkb
ODan JyL 2, 3
OSw ÖgL Eb
OSw SdmL Kkb
ODan SkL 62, 122, 126,131−135, 152
OSw UL Kkb, Kmb, Blb
OSw VmL Kmb, Bb
ODan VSjL 56, 69
OSw YVgL Kkb, Drb, Rlb, Tb, Add

slave ODan ESjL 3
spouse OSw ÄVgL Äb, Gb, Jb
ONorw BorgL 17
ODan ESjL 1
ODan JyL 1
OIce KRA 18
ODan SkL 7
OSw YVgL Äb, Gb, Jb

unfree servant ODan VSjL 86 Refs:

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