hand (OSw) hönd (ON) noun

hand OIce Grg passim
ONorw GuL Krb, Løb, Tfb, Kpb, Arb, Llb, Mhb, Olb, Sab

side ONorw GuL Krb, Tfb, Mhb

á hönd, á hendr (ON)

against ONorw GuL Krb, Løb

döma hand af (OSw)

sentence to the loss of a hand OSw KrL DbI MEL DbI

hafa hönd at (ON)

be in the possession of ONorw GuL Olb

handar mair (OGu)

higher up OGu GL A 23

hands bot (ODan)

compensation for a hand ODan SkBL

harms hand (OSw)

anger OSw UL Mb, Blb VmL Mb, Bb

leþa i hænder (OSw)

trace to someone’s possession OSw VmL Kkb

leþa sik av handom (OSw) laiþas a hand (OGu)

confirm OGu GL A 4

trace provenance from oneself OSw UL Mb VmL Mb

mista hand (OSw)

lose the hand OSw BjR MESt Eb Dob

mæþ harms hændi (OSw)

in anger OSw UL Mb, Blb VmL Mb, Bb

stinga kniver genom hans hand (OSw) ganga ut genom hand hans (OSw)

stick a knife through his hand (as a punishment) OSw BjR KrL DbI MEL DbI SmbII

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