halzmaþer (OSw) haldsmaðr (ON) haldsmaþer (OSw) noun

A guardian or keeper (cf. ON hald ‘custody’), especially someone who manages someone else’s property. Responsibilities of a haldsmaðr appear to have been similar to several other designations, such as a vörzlumaðr (q.v.) or a fjárvarðveizlumaðr (q.v.). A haldsmaðr could be designated in a variety of situations, including watching over an inheritance until an heir comes of age and maintaining property while the owner is abroad. According to Gul Arb 115 women were permitted to be haldsmenn.

agent ONorw GuL Olb
caretaker ONorw MLL Mah 16 Ert 14 Kab 15
custodian OSw VmL Mb
guardian ONorw GuL Kpb, Arb, Olb
herdsman OIce Kab 17
ONorw GuL Kpb

property caretaker OIce Kge 14
OIce Js Ert 25 Kab 12

representative ONorw GuL Kpb Refs:

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