fæþerni (OSw) fæthrene (ODan) feþrni (OGu) faðerni (ON) fæþrini (OSw) noun

Literally, ‘paternal’. The meaning extended to cover the whole of the paternal side of the family, the paternal inheritance (as opposed to the maternal) and the ancestral land inherited from the father, although the expression fæþernis jorþ was frequently written in full. Sometimes the same word was employed with more than one of these meanings in the same sentence. In the possessive case, fæþerni was used adjectivally to mean ‘paternal’, to relate to other specific parts of an inheritance, e.g. ancestral home, movables. The word also appears in connection with the question of how the children of mixed marriages between Gotlanders and non-Gotlanders were treated in respect of wergild. This is the subject of some ambiguity in the text, but it seems that the father’s family was taken as the yardstick. ON faðerni is often used in a sense quite similar to modern ‘paternity’ and could be the cause for a legal case (sækja til faðernis, Grg Feþ 158).

ancestral home OGu GL A 20
father-line ONorw EidsL 30.5
father’s ODan VSjL 15
father’s family OGu GL A 15
father’s part ODan SkL 2, 23
father’s side OSw DL Gb
ODan ESjL 3
ONorw FrL Var 9
ODan JyL 2
ODan SkL 57, 223

fathering OIce Grg Þsþ 50, 62 Ómb 142 Feþ 156 Tíg 264
paternal ODan ESjL 1, 3
ODan SkL 5, 22, 26, 27, 59, 85, 92, 128
ODan VSjL 1, 15

paternal belongings ODan SkL 54, 64
paternal goods ODan ESjL 1
ODan JyL 1

paternal inheritance OSw ÄVgL Äb
OSw DL Bb, Gb
ODan ESjL 1
OGu GL A 20, 24e
OSw SdmL Gb, Jb
ODan SkL 19, 37
OSw UL Äb, Jb, Blb
OSw VmL Äb, Bb
OSw YVgL Äb, Rlb

paternal kin OSw DL Gb
paternal land ODan ESjL 3
ODan JyL 1
OSw ÖgL Eb
ODan SkL 27
OSw VmL Jb
ODan VSjL 4

paternal property OSw HL Jb
paternal side OSw ÄVgL Md, Äb
ODan JyL 2
OSw SdmL Gb, Äb
ODan SkL 57
OSw VmL Äb
OSw YVgL Drb, Äb, Add

paternity ONorw GuL Løb
OIce KRA 2

patrimony ODan ESjL 1
what is from the father ODan JyL 1 Expressions:

fæþernis frændi (OSw)

father’s kinsman ODan ESjL 3 JyL 1 SkL 2

kinsman of the father ODan ESjL 2 JyL 1

kinsman of the father’s side ODan SkL 57, 233

paternal kin ODan JyL 2 SkL 128 VSjL 15 OSw DL Gb

paternal kinsman ODan ESjL 1, 2, 3 JyL 1 SkL 85, 92, 128 OSw DL Bb

paternal relative OSw DL Rb SdmL Gb, Äb


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