fjórðungsgjöf (ON) noun

According to Jó (Kge 22) one was permitted to give away up to a quarter of one’s property as a legal gift. This referred only to acquired property and not inherited property, of which one could only legally give a tenth (ON tíundargjöf). Gifts in excess of this amount were considered to be defrauding one’s heirs. In FrL (e.g. FrL ArbB 18) the term fjórðungr is thought to be equivalent to fjórðungsgjöf. This is supported by the full term appearing in the table of contents of a variant manuscript (cf. NGL II:510).

quarter-gift OIce Kge 22
ONorw MLL Ert 21

CV s.v. fjórðungr; Fritzner s.v. fjórðungsgjöf; KLNM s.v. donasjon

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