fjórðungsdómr (ON) noun

A Quarter Court. Four of these were held, one for each quarter, at the annual General Assembly in Iceland. Quarter Courts served as higher courts in which unresolved cases from district assemblies were judged. Cases which remained disputed after having been tried in a Quarter Court moved on to the Fifth Court (ON fimmtardómr). They had original jurisdiction over cases in which the two parties were residents of different quarters of the country. All cases concerning injury (ON áverk) were also to be heard at the Quarter Courts (cf. Grg Vís 99). The Quarter Courts, along with the Fifth Court, were abolished when Iceland came under Norwegian rule during the thirteenth century.

Quarter Court OIce Grg Þsþ 20, 21 Vís 99, 110 Feþ 159 Lbþ 172, 176 Fjl 223 Refs:

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