fimmtarþing (ON) fimmtaþing (ON) fimtarþing (ON) fimtaþing (ON) noun

A ‘fifth assembly’; a type of extraordinary assembly held after five days’ notice, usually following an arrow assembly (ON örvarþing). A fifth assembly was convened in response to serious offenses, such as injury or homicide.

assembly with a five-day notice ONorw FrL Mhb 7 Var 7
fifth assembly OIce Mah 10
OIce Js Mah 14, 20

five-day assembly ONorw GuL Mhb Refs:

CV s.v. fimtarþing; Fritzner s.v. fimtarþing; Hertzberg s.v. fimtarþing; KLNM s.v. ting, ǫrvarþing

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