fang (OSw) fang (ODan) fang (ON) noun

Lawful ways to acquire property, particularly land, often appearing in the phrase lagha fang (OSw) ‘legal acquisition’. These were purchase, exchange, gift and pledge, and sometimes including, other times contrasted to inheritance. Also used of anything acquired in general, in particular from the forest, such as building material and firewood. In one instance, used as a synonym to fangaman (q.v.) (UL Mb). Moreover, a unit of measure.

acquired land ODan ESjL 1
acquisition OSw KrL Jb
OSw ÖgL Jb
ODan VSjL 13
OSw YVgL Gb, Jb

assignor OSw UL Mb
bundle OSw UL Kgb
OSw VmL Kgb

fuel and timber OSw ÄVgL Md
land ODan ESjL 2
legal acquisition OSw UL Äb, Mb, Jb
OSw VmL Jb

means OIce KRA 30
movables ONorw FrL Intr 23
purchased land OSw ÖgL Jb
timber OSw ÄVgL Kva, Fös
OSw YVgL Drb, Kvab

wood (2) OSw ÄVgL Jb, Fös, Föb
OSw YVgL Jb, Föb, Utgb

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