eriksgata (OSw) noun

Possibly derived from the name Erik or a corresponding appellative meaning ‘omnipotent ruler’ or the noun eþer ‘oath’; the second element is gata ‘travel; road, street’. A newly chosen king of Sweden should ride with an entourage starting and ending in the province of Uppland, passing through and exchanging hostages in the central provinces, where, at specified places, the king and the laghmaþer ‘lawman’ of the province swore mutual oaths. The origin of the procedure is disputed, but there are parallels in Norway and elsewhere in Europe. In the laws, a completed eriksgata was required for the king to be legally accepted. Eriksgata is not to be confounded with travels connected with an itinerant kingship.

Erik’s street OSw ÖgL Db
king’s route OSw SdmL Kgb, Till
royal progress OSw UL Kgb Refs:

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