Royal Grove Lodge

Lodge Details
Named in: 1816
Serial Number: 1189
Date of Warrant or Constitution: 1790
Warrant of Constitution: 1 Dec. 1790
Lodge Number (A): 240
Lodge Number (A2): B
Lodge Number (1814): 301
Lodge Number (1832): 213
Erased: Erased 2 March 1836.
Meeting Places
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Jolly Miller, Mill Bank Street, Westminster, London1790
King's Arms, Abingdon Street, Westminster, London1793
Marquis of Granby, Vine Street, Westminster, London1796
Star and Garter, Old Palace Yard, Westminster, London1797
Holme's King's Arms, New Round Court, Strand, London1798
Axe and Gate, Downing Street, Westminster, London1799
George Tavern, Drury Lane, London1800
Percy Arms, Church Court, Strand, London1801
George Tavern, Drury Lane, London1803
Globe, South Molton Street, Oxford Street, London1805
Coach and Horses, Brewer Street, Golden Square, London1805
Lord Cochrane, Spring Gardens, Charing Cross, London1810
Queen's Head, Crown Court, Princes Street, Soho, London1813
Three Doves, Berwick Street, Soho, London1827
Green Man, Berwick Street, Soho, London1830